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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Serious Faces Up In Here

Sometimes all the little problems in the world seem to build up on your shoulders and that sucks.  It happens to everyone though, it's how you react that shapes you as a person, some people will buckle under the pressure and others will do some man as shoulder press' and take the load to market and pass it on to the farmers for a reasonable price.  Shit, got too involved in the metaphor again.  Anyways, yeah, problems they suck, but take it from me they always seem that much smaller the further ago they are or were, fucking tense how does it work.  Its kind of like riding a scooter down a hill to begin with, you're sitting there thinking, I'm way to drunk to be in control of a scooter even if i am over 18, then after your friends start calling you chicken you start thinking, no I can do this, I'm king of the hill not the duke twice removed of the mound.  So you ride down, you think fuuuuuuucccckkkk just as you hit a bump in the road (the bump is the problem here), you flip the handle bars you get some mad sick gravel rash and your friends come running down to see how you are and to laugh at you.  As long as you didn't hit your head, you're laughing, its hilarious, everyone is pumped cause it looked awsome and now you all have awsome stories to tell everybody that wasn't there for it.  Right now some of you are probably thinking, what the shit man, what's Borris on about, I know, I get sidetracked really easily.

The main nugget of my philosophy here is, before you go down that hill it seems like the worst thing in the world but when you're at the bottom, it feels really good especially if you did it with your friends.  So just remember, don't kill yourself over insignificant stuff share it with your friends cause they'll help you get some perspective on it.  Then the next step is to go get your scooters, get drunk and ride them like the bad ass that you are.