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Friday, October 8, 2010

Home On a Friday Night, AWSOME

Yeah I'm being sarcastic, sarcastic as fuck, I'm giving the biggest sarcastic thumbs up the universe has ever seen while also doing the most sarcastic face the world can imagine.  Apart from the general bullshit that its my ineptness to go out and do something, today was a good day.  Oktoberfest at uni, h'ok.  An entire trip into uni was nearly wasted today, thinking the celebrations would be ripe, we joked that only old people would be there.  Guess what, we were right, nothing, and i mean nothing was happening, though i must say, that three piece German band was busting out some quality mad sick oompa music, shit you can really bob to.  Now all this wouldn't have been much of a problem if they still had they're shit together, but noooooo, there was noooo keg rolling, the main reason we were there and it wasn't, traumatizing for sure.  The pretzels were big and free at the guild bar, which was fairly quality, and I'm now the proud owner of a truly quality plastic tooheys new beer stein,  awww yeahhhhh.  All this together doesn't sound like the best of days, but wait, we made a friend.  I can not describe him, he was magical, like a wild unicorn, a wild unicorn in short shorts and suspenders.  Few men dare to pull that move, but he did, and he made it look good, maybe even too good.  Later cruising around, who else do we see, but the amazing unicorn accordion playing friend of ours. 

What was he playing, I'll tell you what he was playing, Sex on Fire by the Kings of Leon, that shit made tender tender love to my ears.  I had tingles for a good ten minutes afterwards and i wanted more, i was ruined for everybody else.  All I wanted to do was hold him and shut my eyes and just stand there holding him, I don't care if it would be weird or inappropriate, it was just what I wanted to do.  To spend the rest of the day following him around listening to him like the beat magician that he was would have been legendary, worthy of writing in some kind of book to be passed on to generation even.