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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dancing and the Rain

I love the rain, rain is good, it makes everthing better.  I prefer it to the weather being really hot cause that just sucks alot, all humid and sticky fuck that shit.  One negative I can think of is that my car isn't water tight, so when I jumped in to go for a cruise today guess what I found, a foot spa, best shit in the world.  Really though, not cool all the carpets wet, its bullshit. 

Anyways dancing, I hope I never have to see myself dancing, that would be terrible.  Especially when Big Booty Bitches come on, when that comes on I go into some kind of trance.  A Big Booty Bitches trance.  The reason I don't want to ever see myself dancing is, because I'm freaking terrible, I'm pretty sure that I make up for my lack of skill by dancing as hard as possible.  Some would say that I look like a flailing retard, but lets be honest here, I give no shits cause I don't have to see it, also I'm drunk and never have to meet most of those people ever again.

And hey, if it gives someone a laugh and maybe starts a conversation then shit, it's probably worth it.

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  1. dance like nobodies watching.
    ah, who am i kidding, everybody is watching :D