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Friday, October 1, 2010

Drunken Scooting? Yes Please.

Razor Scooters, not exactly the most hardcore form of transportation.  HOWEVER, if you get drunk, they can become possibly the most awesome thing out, you hop on one of those badboys your the democratically elected Mayor of Fun Town.  That's right, your become an official member on the council of fun, how many people have that happen to them, exactly, not many.  As we all know though, extreme sports are never safe, BMX, rally car, alligator baiting, none are easy, none are safe but most are awesome.  When drunken scooting there are a number of possible injuries that may occur, falling off, smacking your head, being generally uncoordinated and getting some good old fashioned gravel rash.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, exactly, NEW EXTREME SPORT.  What makes it more extreme is that if the cops find you doing it, you can lose your licence for drink driving.  AWESOME.  So with the evidence stacked in favour of it becoming an extreme sport and probably an Olympic sport it's only a matter of time that it is widely seen for the mad sick sport that it truly is.

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