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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Forgot the Title, but Lists should do

I seem to be jumping around from topic to topic lately, while I would like to stay strictly on music it just doesn't seem to happen, one second I'll be on one subject then whamo I've had an explosion of imagination and i've moved onto somthing else that has piqued my interest.  So to combat that I've decided to make lists, lots of lists, lists for what I need to do, lists for what I've done.  Even a list of lists that I need

Topics for Blog
Music to Get
Movies to See
Old Movies to See
People to Talk To
Uni Work I Need to do
Uni Work I've done
What I need money for
What I don't need money for
What I Wish I had money for
Lists that I should make to put in my Lists list

They go on, its not a pretty sight, and because of that I'm fairly certain that you, the great and trusting reader, will have determined that I have a pretty average memory.  It's something that I've had to work with for a while and it seems to be getting worse with all the uni work that I'm only pretending to be doing.  Maybe a more active mind leads to a more active memory, hell, I used to love maths, but that didn't help and a first year business degree isn't exactly rocket science.  For example an assignment handed in three days late which is also thirty percent below the word limit and uses only two sources can still get you a 4, not a bad mark considering its a pass.  With that example out of the way, I feel it necessary to share with you, dear readers, a small section of my "blog topics" list, please note, some of these may be coming up in the next couple of days, and all were thought of in roughly thirty minutes.  Without further adu

The List

Hard to stay on topic
Mighty by the planet smashers/Ska in general
Nobody really interprets what I say properly leads to some fairly awkward situations
Describe my face as I type which should help readers with former list member
My half baked perspective on music
Hey man i don't even care if you read it or not
too serious yesterday, so i listened to some sick as ska pretty sure you can't even convey any other emotion other than happiness through that music

Just a little insight into the mind of your insightful and hilarious muse, Borris


  1. nah you don't need a topic, just post whatever the hell you want. For instance, this post is about lists. Which is awesome.

  2. Lists, superior to mind maps in all ways

  3. Check out MIT free open courses. Teach yourself some maths! Do something to make yourself smarter!
    Anyways cool blog!

  4. LMAO this is me exactly. I keep a txt file open on my desktop for todo list.
    I have a draft email in my gmail saved in my inbox with "important dates" icons on my desktop are arranged into lists