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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Booze Decisions? Good Decisions!

"And we all know, if you want to get loose go for the bull and goose"

Alcohol, the magic liquid, it can free a man, but also make him get some crappy fines.  You'll have a good night but you might shit your pants.  Parties aren't anything without it, I got nothing for that.  Yeah booze its awsome, but which is the most awsomest.  The answer with no questions what so ever is GOON, yeah you heard it, some people on the street just yelled out fuck yeah goon without knowing why, they're scared now but you shouldn't be.  Goon is good, goon is great, it'll fuck you up and its really cheap, also rhyming isn't a strong point of mine.  If goon is the best, then why did i use a quote about redbull and wild goose, here's my rebuttal, SHUT UP.  That is all, its a good quote and I like and just shut up. 

Goon Man - Helping the less fortunate to obtain a drunken state, he's a true Australian hero

Back to goon, let me just lay down some facts, nine dollars for four litres, close to ten percent alcohol, 30 standard drinks in a box, it makes a pillow when your done, its nine dollars for four litres, it has a disposable carry case, you can play gooney ball when you're done, you can play extreme gooney ball before you're done and its goon man everyone loves goon.  With all these positives why doesn't everyone drink it, the simple answer is, they suck, everybody that doesn't drink goon sucks, that is all.  Some people are all like, but spirits mix, spirits can fondle nut sacks real people don't mix, they drink from the sack, cause that's how real people roll.  I can't be seen drinking goon, I have a reputation, no you don't, stop lying to yourself.  Goon gives you a reputation, it makes people think you're an alcoholic badass, nobody ever stops and thinks "That guys drinking goon, he's not in it to get drunk at all"  they think "Fuck yeah!!! Goon!! Lets get fucked up and do stupid drunk shit, hells yeyeah"  that's right, goon'll fuck your pansy assed shit, it'll bend you over a table and have its way with you, cause that's how it rolls.  

Goon, its for real alcoholics. 


  1. mh, never heard of goon before, where the hell do i live?! :<

  2. obviously not in the right place cause you know, the right place would have goon, maybe its only an australian thing, if it is i'll take it as my challenge to spread it