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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Got My Fixie on Craiglisty

Although I've tried to limit myself to one update a day, with a mind that is as overflowing with intricate thoughts its hard, really really hard, soooooo.

Hipsters, Am I Right

Going to uni, its difficult to not see them about, they hand out playing hacky sack at the coffee place.  They sit in subway eating the veggie thing that nobody ever gets, the ride their surf board shaped skateboards on all the flat surfaces but freak out when they have to cross a street cause they can't deal the bumps on the ramp onto the road.  Yeah thats right i'm talking to you, guy that ran into me cause he couldn't handle the slope, next time don't call me buddy instead of apologizing thats just plain not cool.  Any who, yeah hipsters, sometimes it feels like they take everything that I like and turn it into some obscene attempt at irony.  Point in case, Seinfield, everybody loves it right, WRONG.  I don't want to name names and luckily I can't but I saw a guy wearing a Vandelay Industries shirt so I'm thinking, hahahaha Art Vandelay the importer exporter, we ended up sitting near each other and I mentioned it.  Lo and behold he didn't even know what I was talking about, "Seinfield what are you on about, this shirt is against monopolisation and big industry".  Not unfairly, punching him in the face didn't seem like such a bad idea, but wisdom over came me and I went along with it long story short, I should have hit him.