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Monday, October 4, 2010

Master Puppeteer of the Political Variant

Another election is upon us, more important than local elections, state elections and possibly even the other type that didn't really work out for us this time, the federal elections.  Thats right I'm talking UNI GUILD ELECTIONS, I know what your thinking, no way, thats awsome, whats a uni guild.  Well you're right, wrong and stupid all at the same time, yes your wrong because it is actually way.  You're right cause no its actually awsome and stewpid cause come on, uni guild, its an elections work it out.  So yes I'm now in the midst of an epic battle between ACTIVE and EPIC,  personally EPIC has my vote, so much so that I handed out flyers out front of QUT for a while (read five minutes) today.  To be honest though I don't really care that much for either "party" but EPIC does have me on the name, I personally am all about the professor plums, hahahahahahaha wow jokes wow jokes, and I dislike being active.  The real selling point for me though were their flyers, ACTIVE had some stuff about some other stuff and EPIC had a picture of guitar hero you know what that means.

Seriously though, EPIC wants to reduce the cost of refreshingly delicious alcoholic beverages on campus and by all means thats plenty fine with Borris.  So fine infact I may just write them a song of appreciation and perform it in a dark room while cutting their names into my arm with a razor, or maybe just you know, vote for them.  Yeah thats right I'm willing to vote in something thats non compulsory just so that they have the opportunity to maybe reduce the cost of getting drunk at uni.  Cause lets be serious here, going to lectures and tutorials sober is boring, really, really, really, really boring so boring that I don't go to lectures unless I know that I will have a supply of alcohol, be it goon or a hipflask or the cap'n.  People might find that extreme I dare you to do it and just try and sit through a lecture sober ever again. 

In reflection maybe if Abbot or Ranga slut Gillard had gotten their shit together and offered cheaper drinks to the people of Australia our government wouldn't be the joke that it is today.


  1. That'd be a good campaign platform. Free beer for all citizens

  2. booze is a winning campaign formulae!

  3. very interesting post !

    following & supporting you
    take care.

  4. good follow up post to yesterday's