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Friday, October 15, 2010

I Wish

I wish i had a smoke machine, imagine the ambience i could create if i had one, it would be amazing, could walk around the house, gloomy as shit, have some lights flashing, it'd be fucking amazing, damn, it'd be the metaphorical shit.  And everybody would be like, yo man, could I borrow your smoke machine, I need it to create ambience for one of my events.

I had the motivation to do something.   Nope still don't.

That I wasn't sick anymore.

That maybe it would be awsome if I had something to look forward to.


  1. believe me, you don't want a smoke machine in your house.

  2. have sooo contemplated getting a smoke machine every Halloween ... problem being now days everyone is afraid to let their kid to go trick or treating on the streets. :< makes me so sad Halloween was/is my fav holiday. I know off topic :>

  3. fuck, you're so cool...