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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ever Listened to Five Hours of Lady Gaga

I have and it wasn't pleasant, you'd think after about an hour an iPod would run out of Lady Gaga but no very slightly different remixes of Lady Gaga exist and they were all in the same place.  Sooo musically tonight I'm feeling pretty drained but what comes to my rescue, windows media player, cheer cheer hurray yay, that bad boys been busting out hit after hit and mixing like a champ, Coheed & Cambria, Modest Mouse, OK GO, N.E.R.D, Anthrax, Cake, the classic beats just don't stop its amazing, I think I would have creamed my jeans, if i were wearing jeans, hell if I was wearing any clothes at all.  Guess I'll just have to say they made sweet sweet love to my ear pussies.  Why couldn't I listen to sick music at work, life is hell that's why, but anyway I've been thinking about music in general, like why I've changed my musical tastes, why I don't like American Hip Hop but enjoy both English and Australian rappers and Hip Hop.  What's up with that maybe it's that I assume all American Hip Hop is gangsta and automatically reject the entire industry maybe it's that I can't find anything decent to start on and am too lazy to put any effort into it, maybe it's that I only like Hip Hop a little bit and still prefer the likes of Modest Mouse and other "alternative" music but then what the shit why do I like some pop and house music as well.  Fuck this I suppose my musical tastes have become more "eclectic" now that I'm not as obsessed with how people view me because of the music I listen to, yet people still assume I only listen to metal and nothing else.

Musical prejudice hurts guys, just remember, judging people based on musical tastes is disgusting and I'll have none of it, you know who I'm talking about.


  1. 1 maybe 2 songs in a row is all i can stand. 5 hours ?! id jump off a building

  2. wow five hours? no way.

  3. Lol, I go down to Colorado every know and then. My sister is in charge of the radio. Welcome to my life when i visit family.

  4. i listen to lady gaga every 5 days once per day on tv... close to your stats :P