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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Comedy in Music, Can It Work?

Recently I've been listening to a fair amount of parody and comedy music, and I've started to wonder, can musicality and comedy go together?  Is it possible for an artist to be funny while also being respected for their musicianship.  One example that I can think of is The Midnight Beast, a British group employed only to produce parody's as well as some original tracks.  While they do produce these songs well, can they be taken seriously as artists if all they work on is pop culture references, they may become popular over the short term, but can they maintain it over time.  The Midnight Beast does have some credibility as a musical group though as the members have performed in purely musical groups before.  While I do enjoy these songs and artists that don't take themselves seriously I always wonder if it's because they are funny or if they show signs of quality musicianship.  So that i don't face this dilemma I've found a happy medium, a music style that, while not taking itself to seriously still manages to sate my appetite for quality music.  That style my friends, is Ska, its fast its happy and its good for dancing everything you want in music, but they also don't take themselves seriously making it easier to like it.  I suggest you try it.

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