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Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Summer Comin Up

With todays release of the Big Day Out line-up many a uni student and teenagers are in solemn reflection on the costs associated with the "festival" scene.  For example, I personally will be attending Stereosonic, Sunset Sounds, Big Day Out, No Sleep Till and Soundwave aswell as some local acts.  The cost of this season will be over seven hundred australian dollars, teamed up with the 600 dollar splendour ticket, the festival scene can become quite expensive.  But what we really need to think about is the uni students and poor hipsters, they're earning very little and thirteen hundred dollars is a fair amount for people that claim they can't afford to eat anything but two minute noodles.  So lets just remember the people that are worse of than ourselves this summer festival season, those poor poor uni students.

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